*NEW* Number Sense Routines

Skip the note of gratitude and go to the Number Sense Routines now: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zybINWNfw7G_XYEAGwTTKiX4FZRYuRkM?usp=sharing 

I need to begin by thanking those who have led the way. THANK YOU! 

Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and resources -- the work you have contributed for the good of all has been both invaluable and inspiring! So thank you to the Steve Wyborneys, Amy Lucentas, Grace Kelemaniks, Sherry Parrishes, and Megan Frankes of the educational world. Thank you to the innumerous others who have shared their wealth of knowledge and resources and inspired these sets of Number Sense Routines. And thank you to my school district and colleagues who have supported and contributed to this project. 

We have collected routines from several amazing Open Educational Resources and have been inspired to create quite a few of our own to add to the collection. I am unable to tell you exactly how much time has been invested in this work (several hundred hours accrued over the past 3 years!), but I do know that every minute was time well spent selecting, editing, creating, organizing, and then fine-tuning again and again.... It's still not perfect, but the slide decks are finally in a place where we feel confident that they might be useful to others who are looking to build Number Sense with their students. 

These slide decks contain 180 days of Number Sense Routines for grades 1-5 (a unique set for each grade!). The files are organized into 20-day sets. The first 20 days have the same routine two days in a row with the first day designed for the teacher and the students to learn how to use the routine and then followed with a second day of the same routine (different prompt) to reinforce what was learned the day prior. Days 21-180 have the nine routines randomly spread across the slides. 

To better understand the purpose and process for using these routines, please take time to read the information provided on the first several slides of the first slide deck at each grade level. We are very proud of the work we've done and the results we've seen from using these routines regularly over the last 3 years with our students in grades 1-5 in all of our district's elementary schools. 

I am happy to answer questions you may have about using these routines, and I'd love to hear about YOUR successes if you decide to try them :)  

I'm just an email away.
Dawn Caine     HelloMrsCaine@gmail.com


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